V-Talk: The Good VS The Bad Bacterias

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Hello ladies!

Bacterias are not all bad. There are good bacterias too! Did you know that you have good bacterias and bad bacterias in your vagina? These good bacterias are the bacterias that protect your vagina's microflora. Normally, the vagina can maintain a healthy balance between good and bad bacterias.

Vaginal infections take place when this healthy balance of bacterias is disrupted. In cases like this, the bad bacterias outnumbered the good ones. Hormonal changes in our body and direct exposure of bacterias can cause this imbalance. Sexually transmitted diseases, illnesses, pregnancy and even stress can affect this balance of bacterias.

Here's how you can keep yours healthy!

1) Wear cotton underwear

2)Avoid sprays and scented soaps

3)minimize sugar intake, and maximize sugar-free yogurt intake

4)Don’t use other people’s towels

5)extra air time, try sleeping without underwear under your pj’s

Stay clean and healthy 'down there'!


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