An epilator is an electrical appliance consisting of a metal spiral head that rotates at high speed, plucking unwanted hair (dict)

You want smooth legs and underarms but afraid it would grow thick and ugly? This gadget would be a great option for you.

Although for some, hair-free legs and bikini lines isn't necessary, but it is highly recommended that we keep our hair short especially near the pubic area. Long hairs "down there" could trap bacterias and it could lead to vaginal infections.

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Cant wait to be proud parents ladies? Here are some tips I stalked for you mommies to be =)
Please follow the below simple summary I've made. Hope it help. But please read here for basic facts before jumping into this method.

Summary of how to use calendar method to plan your family:

1) Note the number of days between the starting of your period to ending of your period.

From the calendar on your left, there are 2 cycles of period. The pink line shows the length of your CYCLE.

Note down the pattern of your cycle for 6 months. It may vary from 27 days to 31 days.

2) Arrange cycles. Which one is longest and which one is the shortest?

for eg.

January 27 days
February 30 days
March 26 days
April 28 days
May 31 days
June 29 days

3) Start calculating your estimation for fertility interval.

The picture from your left explains that the phase when conception is most likely to occur would be between day 9 and day 20

However for those who do not want to get pregnant, you would be looking through day 21 and after (until your period starts again)

4) Start with your next period. Make note on your calendar. Refer to your calculation above. This is your utmost fertile time after your period.

On the left you can see an example of how to plot them. Make sure you also take note the time of your period (which can be seen here small red circles). Plot the day you calculated. If we took from the above calculation, the fertile days are the 9th to 20th day. So here, you can see that day 9 to day 20 has been plotted with orange squares.

Good luck!


This article is a summary of Fertility Awareness by Dr Philip Owen, consultant obstetrician and gynaecologist and Dr David Delvin, GP and family planning specialist.

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Are you always unsure when your periods start and end? Are you looking for a way to keep track your period intervals so that you know you're healthy?
What about family planning? Fertile periods and what nots?

Cynicalmd recommends: Period Tracker

If you have an iphone..its all now at your fingertips! Its easy and its fun!

Here are screen shots on how you can monitor that time of the month.

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Hello ladies!

Bacterias are not all bad. There are good bacterias too! Did you know that you have good bacterias and bad bacterias in your vagina? These good bacterias are the bacterias that protect your vagina's microflora. Normally, the vagina can maintain a healthy balance between good and bad bacterias.

Vaginal infections take place when this healthy balance of bacterias is disrupted. In cases like this, the bad bacterias outnumbered the good ones. Hormonal changes in our body and direct exposure of bacterias can cause this imbalance. Sexually transmitted diseases, illnesses, pregnancy and even stress can affect this balance of bacterias.

Here's how you can keep yours healthy!

1) Wear cotton underwear

2)Avoid sprays and scented soaps

3)minimize sugar intake, and maximize sugar-free yogurt intake

4)Don’t use other people’s towels

5)extra air time, try sleeping without underwear under your pj’s

Stay clean and healthy 'down there'!