Family Planning: Basic Facts

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What is family planning?
Family planning is a planning method to conceive babies. Basically, it is the "strategy" on how to have babies.

Below are the facts that you need to know before trying to conceive a child:

1) You must be aware of your monthly menstrual cycle!
You must write down when you started your period for each month and when it ended. You must have at least a record of 6 months cycle before starting your family planning. Even if you are still in your early 20s, keeping track of your period is important.

2) You must know when you ovulate!
Ovulation is the release of the ripe egg from the ovary. You are at your most fertile (meaning, highly to have babies) after ovulation has taken place.
Ovulation starts 14 days AFTER your first day of period (if your cycle is normally 28 days).

3) The sperm can live up to a week after intercourse.

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